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The ICT sector is witnessing astronomical growth with most Industries in the world FULLY Embracing use of technology.

The Explosion and advancement of, Internet, Mobile Phone Technology and Social Media has made Internet to be the leading Industry today creating More Millionaires than ALL other industresi combined.   also you can learn. HOW GIF WORKS

GIF is Well POSITIONED to make ONLINE Millionaires in 2020 because we are in the ICT Industry of and Selling Domains, Websites/Blogs & Web Hosting that the Entire World is Buying & Using DAILY.

Below is an Summary of World Internet & ICT Statistics especially for Africa & Kenya.

This Will Show Clearly Why You will Make BIG Money in 2020

Internet Statistics for 2019

There are over 1,100,000,000 Websites Hosted on the World Wide Web (www) today as confirmed and announced by Internet Live Stats.

ALL the 1.1Billion Sites in the World have been Sold and BIG Profits made by the Hosting Company, their Resellers and Sub-Resellers.

GIF give You an Opportunity to SELL Web Hosting Space, and Website/Blog and Earn $ Commissions weekly  on Every Website/Blog bought and Hosted with  GIF by a person You Personally referred.

The GIF Business Model is So Powerful because GIF  also Pays you Matching bonuses  from level 1 to level 7  All Sales on Websites/Blogs referred by those you referred and those they refer and so on up to 7 Levels Deep of Website Sales in Your TEAM which amounts to alot of money.

See the Diagram Below to See How Your SALES TEAM can Build Very Quickly to Earn you a Job Replacing Income of Over $3,000 Monthly Income.


3,675,824,813 People Online Worldwide

340,000,000 People Online In Africa

31,000,000 People Online in Kenya

40,000 Online Freelancers in Kenya – Registred on Kenyan Goverment Online Marketing Website (See Kenya Govt Website Below)

The Governemt of Kenya Now Supports ONLINE MARKETING and Has Created a Website to Support Online Marketers and Freelancers.AjiraDigital

Assume You Show 5 People Our Reseller Business and you encourage and Support the 5 to go out and Show the Business to 5 People and so on Up to 7 Levels of your Team,

Your Team and Income Will look like the Illustration Below:-


Below is a testimonial of gif  member Earnings from his Team on ……..

This member Earned $50 in a game day from his team… You will See that the Income is from Levels 2, 4 5 6 7 & 8 which Shows the Power of Team Work (Levaraged Income) and Exponential Growth as Illustrated in the 2 Graphs above.

$70 GIF Member Income – On  August 2019

This is an Average of $1,500 Monthly (Ksh 150,000 Monthly Income)
Remember GIF Only Started Web Hosting in November 2017 So we are Talking about Results of 1-2 Months.
In 6-12 Months From now GIF members Will be Earning Over $3,000 – $5,000 Monthly Income (Ksh 300-500,000 Monthly)

There You have it… 2020 is Your Year to Breakthrough and Become TOTALLY FINANCIALLY INDEPENDENT.

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