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Am sure you have come across this Company called Global Internet Fortunes where Kenyans are Making between Ksh 50,000 ($500)-Ksh 500,000 ($5000) Online paid Via Mpesa. Maybe you are wondering is it just another scam in town?

The terms SCAM and PYRAMID SCHEME are used Interchangeably to mean

“… an unsustainable business model that involves promising participants payment or services, primarily for enrolling other people into the scheme, without supplying or exchange of any Valuable Products or Services.”

in the online world has been loosely translated and often used ignorantly.

Many a times people are quick to brand anything they dont understand as a scam.

With the rapid growth of internet, technology and ecommerce there has emerged Tens of Thousands of genuine Ecommerce Online Professionals Programs and ways of making money online.

Infact the INTERNET is Creating More Millionaires and in a shorter time than ALL other industries combined.

With the Global Explosion of Internet and Ecommerce  ding Internet that Professionals and new ways of making money online there has also arisen a big number of fraudulent people/groups/companies that easily con people of money by promising quick gains.

However there a   often genuine ways of making money online.

“A pyramid scheme or scam is an unsustainable business model that involves promising participants payment or services, primarily for enrolling other people into the scheme, rather than supplying any real investment or sale of products or services to the public.”

Most of these scams do not undertake any tangible transactable business. However, because of regulation, they are masked as saccos (like the Kenya Business Sacco and Deci which collapsed)


Now allow me to take you through the Legitimacy of the Company and help you understand How GIF works.

********Proof Of Legitimacy****

1. A company is deemed to be fully legitimate after It has been Lawfully registered under Company’s Act 486. GIF is a government registered company that gives Webhosting and Online Marketing Services. Below are the registration details of GIF..You can verify at any Huduma Centre if in Kenya.


2. ‎Valuable Products/Services

What business is being transacted. Is there any proof ?. A legit business must have Services or goods traded  which are visible,seen and known.
GIF program offers valuable services in the Market Place. This includes
a)  Registration of domain address ie  some of domains registered by GIF includea among others. If you would like to proof this, go to and type the address that you need to confirm.

b) Web hosting Services- GIF Hosts domains and websites through the GIF hosting servers gif

c) Web Design services for blog and websites- GIF equips all its customers with knowledge and skills on how to Edit their blogs/websites to suite their taste and preference

d) Email Marketing Softwares used to do email marketing.

In Kenya we have other companys which offer the services a,b & c..So if someone Cheats you that GIF is a Scum, ask them whether they mean other companies such as Safaricom, Kenya Web Experts  among others that offer web-hosting services are Scums.

3.For a company to Register Local domains ie, it must be Licensed by Kenya Network Information Centre .KENIC which is a government Organisation that regulates domains registration..The government cannot Partner with Scums in this area.
GIF is fully registered and Licensed by KENIC as you can see below

4. Payment Processors

GIF Partners with Top banks and Payment Processors ie Safaricom through MPESA to facilitate its transactions.
Get me well ..Am not saying every company that deals with Mpesa is Legit but Banks and othe Mobile money Companies are the first to Raise an Eyebrow to the Govn’t regarding a Scam..This is why scams rarely survive for more than 6 Months.
GIF is approved by these payment processors with a partnership of over 2 years now.

5 Last but not the Least
Most members participating in Scums,have a problem withdrawing their commissions and being paid on time while other programs give you a high target minimum withdrawal ie $100 ..Most people end up losing their commissions after the Program is closed down indefinitely.
GIF pays its members ($20 ksh 2,000) for every NEW SALE MADE. Its pays its members every Single week on Wednesday via M-pesa by 6am.

Check the Mpesa messages below that has been paid from GIF  to members .(NB YOU CAN VERIFY THOSE CODES VIA SAFARICOM)

mr Francis karanja making upto 30,000 ksh per week.

To learn more about the business opportunity call mr Francis karanja via 0725216639 for quick assistance.



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