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success is a matter of choice not a chance


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Starting a business can be a hectic task especially in an instance whereby you’ve not started one before and you don’t have the experience in running one. You’ll need capital, an opportunity gap, a supplier, a stall or a shop, maybe even an employee. But, you don’t really have to go through all that hustle while there’s many guys starting online businesses much faster and with much less troubles and within 6 months they’re yielding profits like crazy. In this post, we will discuss a specific online business that is not only under Ksh.10,000 starting capital, but as well with the highest probability of growth and with the most potential to give you both time and financial freedom.

Online Network Marketing

We can all agree that the internet is one of the wonders of the 21st century. It brought with it a pack of advatages that overweigh the challenges of networking and sharing information. Today, if your business doesn’t run on the internet, it’s probably not maximizing on its profits and will soon be overtaken by competitors and new businesses accepting and appreciating the internet in its marketing strategies.
Network marketing industry has been around for almost a century now; a business that thrives from a sales workforce of individuals who invest in acquiring products or services from a company either for personal consumption or reselling. The mother-company has a specific financial compensation plan for commissions payout to agents or individuals using their reseller rights. Commissions are earned from direct sales or from recruited agents in one’s network or down line.

Getting Started

The first and major step of starting up is signing up with a reputable company that will be your services supplier. I have recently done a post to guide you on how to sign up with Global Internet Fortunes (GIF) which is an online organization that mainly focuses on domain names, web hositng and e-learning.
You will however require an inviter as it is the case in all network marketing organizations, for details on the inviter or the sponsor of your online business, click on Support  at the top menu. Filling in your personal details and account details is pretty simple and within 5 minutes you’ll be done and having an account with G.I.F. online platform.

Reseller Rights

Acquiring the products and services package together with a reseller license is the next thing you got to do. In most instances, this will come at a fee. Global Internet Fortunes offers you a package of Ksh. 5,500 ($55) consisting of a domain name, web hosting, marketing tools and e-learning. This is quite affordable to the masses thus giving each and everyone a chance to get started. But this shouldn’t trick you to thinking its a competitive business. No, its more of a personal development business hence giving it a huge potential for you in the market place.
I’ve published a detailed page on the  IS GLOBAL INTERNET FORTUNES (GIF) A LEGIT BUSINESS?  and it’s incorporation to the GIF business.

Knowledge and Skills

Most people fail to grow income wise in their lives because they fail to invest in themselves in skills and knowledge in their specific fields. They don’t read books and articles, watch videos or listen to podcasts from various speakers and trainers, they don’t even go for seminars and trainings, not realizing that this is costing them big. If you want to double your income, tripple on your learning.
In network marketing however, personal development is a key thing and taken quite seriously. It all starts immediately from your inviter/sponsor who’s responsible for guiding you in understanding the business and as well, equipping you with the skills you require to make it in the business. There’s regular trainings held by the mother company to develop their distributors and Global Internet Fortunes is doing a great job at this; great trainers, great content.
The internet is quite rich in knowledge and skills as well with powerful search engines like Google. There’s much to gain from there as well in form of articles, videos, podcasts and even books.

All this is absolutely FREE.

Height of Profit

The screenshot alongside shows transaction list of earnings through GIF online business. Three years of part time commitment to the business and now averaging $30 to $50 in a day; that’s roughly $1200 (Ksh 120,000) in a month.
To 80% of Kenyans and Africans, this is a life changing income. Its a shame that this is a region hit by ignorance and pessimism in online opportunities.
If you think online network marketing doesn’t pay, think again. What do you need to do to get here?
– Get in, get started, set up your online business
– Learn, practice, grow
– Commit 6 hours to your business and 2 hours to your personal development
– Set a plan and a 30 day gameplan and work on it
Focus is necessary, your goals set and your believe driving you.
Contact Mr Francis karanja via 0725216639 for guidance or click
on how to get started on your online business. You will get maximum support and training to see you succeed and achieve your goals. You don’t have to be great to get started, but you can get started to be great.. 


  1. I luv how you are ready to give maximum support and training to people to make them succeed,my friends have joined online working and they have succeeded, I believe I will also succeed,,

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