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success is a matter of choice not a chance


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Where after my secondary education,i  did  business studies before i  deferred my course and  started to venture in business where i started working with a distributor company by the name(Move On ) in Meru county dealing with sales of liquor.i worked with the company for 9months making 10000ksh on a monthly salary the pay was not that welcoming at all. Depending with the schedule of the working hours i  was not happy at all because my boss was using my time to pay me.One day while on  facebook,i came  across a post that you can make money online just socializing i did not hesitate to get the number and contacted the person  to know more about the business and how i could  get the opportunity.
After 5 days i travelled  to Nairobi for me   to be able to attend the training to know how the business works and how to get started. The reason why i was much interested with this business is because i  wanted to be my  own boss.plus i was  tired of  working for  somebody else And making other people rich.
However my  life had a turn  around when i was introduced to online marketing Business This is the simple reason I created this website so that I  can inspire and Motivate young people to start and run an online business rather than Looking to be a servant to someone as an employee.

Some people say ITS PRIDE but if you are in business you understand what am talking about.In the first place we do not have jobs and incase you get one,you will never get rich in a JOB.Incase you do not understand this,i recommend my favourite book CASH FLOW QUADRANT. i have been working Online for quite some time and the results are amazingly Incredible. am not making a living Online but a fortune .i works  just a couple of  hours Online and Help others to do the same. Now am making more than my counterparts in JOBs who have worked for even more that 3 years

Below is a screenshot of my  commission earning on a daily basis. 10,000ksh on a weekly basis

now making 100,000ksh on a monthly basis

The reason i make so much is because i has  a duplicable SYSTEM that was made  for him.His work  is to  just put the system to work.

in our company we work as a TEAM .Our  ULTIMATE  dream is to make everything CHEAP.We  beleive that if you  assist just enough people get what they want in life,will get all you  want in life.This is the simple reason we  invite you to come and have a look at the system that we use.Always feel free to give me a call or drop me a text/whatsapp 0725216639   WE SIMPLY HAVE A BETTER WAY

My life style courtesy of online business

You can also join online

Am ready to *assist* you to begin working *online with us immediately.*


What you need now is to *Open your Personal Free Account* because all the information on working with us is on our site.


Follow this link


Step 1. http://www.globalinternetfortunes.com


Step 2. Click “*Join Now*”


Step 3. Enter Inviter username as ” *mentorship* ”


Step 4. Enter your Name

Gmail mail address two times and your password two times


Step 5. Enter your Names, date of birth, gender, *your personal username*, phone number, your location & Continent


Step 6. Confirm the joining terms by *checking the 3 boxes on your left*


Step 7. Login to GIF home account using your gmail mail address.


*Login and Screenshot members details and forward to me for us to move to the next level*

For more information call 0725216639

Mr Francis karanja



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