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Switch TV Kicks Out Top Presenters in New Year Changes

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youth-oriented station Switch TV has restructured its programming, pushing out more journalists including two main presenters.

The changes being worked on include dropping some programmes and introducing new ones as the station seeks to firm up its grip on the competitive TV audience market.

“In order to remain competitive in the broadcasting space, it is imperative to continuously refresh programs to strengthen our offering in the market,” Switch TV says in a communication.

“In line with the Switch TV 2020 strategy, we will be reviewing the existing programming; cancelling and launching new shows; which may affect some of the existing talent.”

The affected talkshow hosts are lifestyle presenters Nonny Gathoni and Jackie Matubia, among others, who have been rendered jobless.

The move comes months after the TV station laid off a number of employees mid-December 2019, as the going proves harder for a television started in October 2018 by the Kenya Red Cross.

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