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Can Human Capital Export Solve Unemployment Crisis?

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job seekers are leaving their countries of origin every year to find jobs abroad. Considering that the vast majority of migrant workers are low-skilled, they can be viewed as particularly vulnerable. In this regard, the management of labour migration is a challenging issue for governments all over the world.

Aware of this situation, governments see the need for protection of migrant workers from exploitative recruitment and employment practices, as well as the need for the provision of appropriate pre-departure assistance, welfare and on-site services.

Although many countries of destination have policies for the admission, stay and employment of foreign workers, there are a fewer number of countries of origin that possess specific legislation or policies focused on the needs of their own nationals abroad.

Brain-Drain or Brain Circulation

Some countries have put into place policies and legislation designed to protect their citizens abroad, while others, recognizing the need for human resource planning, have factored in strategies that promote overseas employment as a means of poverty reduction and employment identification.

Human capital flight, also known as brain-drain, has in many ways dented countries’ economic prospects, let alone thier academic and professional standings. Brain-drain is harmful for any country. Its effect on the economy and social area of a country are devastating.

Countries lose quality skilled workers. It’s true that recipient countries provide better salary scales but every country needs its professionals for development. Almost all top-performing students in higher level of educational institutions are likely to be the ones to migrate.


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