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How To Make Money From Home During This Corona Virus Quarantining Period

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Hello to you reader and I hope you taking Good care of yourself by sanitizing and staying home to avoid contact with this deadly virus.

We’ve never had a better chance to learn how important money is than now. We now realise, if a lockdown is effected for just 2 weeks,half of our population would go to bed on an empty stomach,Take that to be BANK.

Talking of the bank,which is the only place both the filthy rich and the broke meet,CBK released a report last year that less than 1% of bank accounts in Kenya have SH 1 MILLION.

What however excited me the most is that the less than 1% account holders worker harder that the remaining 99% and are ever looking for opportunities.

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To verify this,offer an opportunity to make an extra income online to a fresh graduate and they will get back to you with that rude response of, Am OK. I have a permanent job.

The rich in the society are never OK. Chriss Kirubi is never ok,he is ever looking for ways to make more. All other multi millionaires and billionaires are the same,name them.

There is a secret only the rich know and keep it away from everyone else. The secret is NEVER SETTLING and TAKING OPPORTUNITIES as they come because we all have nothing to lose by grabbing the opportunities and running away with them.


Be like them. SEIZE the opportunities of working from home and make a similar income and afford a wonderful lifestyle both for you and the people you Love. They deserve BETTER and you too Do.

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During this period when we have to stay home as per the government directive to avoid contact and spread of Corona Virus, you can be using this time to make some good income online. You have nothing to lose investing a few coins in an opportunity that may end up to save you from joblessness.

Many people will lose jobs because of the loses many companies/organizations are experiencing due to the pandemic.

📌Below are a few examples of how cash flows into my online business account and all I did was learn how this works from a stranger we met on Facebook. I took it full time and today, I train others how this works. Switching from automotive engineering career wasn’t an easy thing but I have nothing to regret now

Was I born doing this? No.
Who else can do this? You
What do you need to do? Start Now
Will it be easy? No
Worth it, Definitely YES

🌹If interested in this opportunity and you are sure you will commit to it, WhatsApp me on 0725216639

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